Born James "Jim" Ronald Dangle 41 years ago. He was raised in Arkhansas. Dangle's father left his family and moved to chicago and raises a black family, his mother killed herself. He then moved in with his Uncle. He is the lieutenant of Reno's sheriff department. Dangle is gay and has a crush on Deputy jones and sometimes hits on victims of crimes he meets. In one episode Jones has pity-sex with Dangle which causes dangle to be in the hospital for not being able to walk. Dangle has a son from his marriage to a woman named Debbie, which he thought was a drag queen, Dangle also had feelings for a female officer from the department of homeland security which left him confused but later found out it was a man in disquise as a woman for a con scam. In many episodes his bike gets stolen which shows that Deputy Junior might be doing.


  • A deceased mother
  • a deceased father
  • Two half siblings
  • A son
  • a ex-wive


It is implied that everyone likes him on the force and Trudy even having a crush on him, but they do get fed up with him, like, when they are made to do something dangerous and he doesn't have to do it, or when he hits on Jones.


  • What the fuck?
  • Get your face out of my ass!
    Season6 Dangle 0171 PRESS


  • Who took my bike?

Actors who portrayle Jim DangleEdit

Thomas Lennon (88 episodes)

Thomas Lennon (RENO 911: Miami)